Please check out the following websites for great SWTOR content!


  • Hyperspace Beacon – Larry brings the latest news for SWTOR.  He’s been writing for websites and particularly concerning MMOs for quite a while!
  • Going Commando – Shintar writes mainly about her grouping experiences in SWTOR and gives her thoughts on the current happenings in SWTOR.
  • Fibro Jedi – FibroJedi provides his perspective on gaming with Fibromyalgia and how he uses SWTOR to help cope with it.  He also provides great blog posts with a difference perspective on recent updates in SWTOR.
  • MMO Bits – Run by Xam Xam (avid PvPer!).  MMO Bits is an MMO Gaming focused website featuring content primarily for SWTOR.  The blog has posts concerning news, reviews, opinions, and guides.


  • State of the Old Republic – Run by Ted! Short and sweet podcast concerning the latest news and happenings in the game and community
  • Ootinicast – By Chill and Dr. SWTOR with Dekion and Fyonha as the guild representatives.  Biweekly podcast with great SWTOR segments.
  • The Council – Hosted by Redna, Sechari, Majikace, and Alise.  A roundtable discussion focused on SWTOR and video games in general.
  • Escape Pod Cast – By Max and Sema! Latest news in the game and their guild (AIE).
  • Bad Feeling Podcast – Hosted by Brian and Chuck.  Every episode is always a wild ride with these fun personalities.
  • Passionately Casual – Currently on break.  Main hosts are Jessie, Mox, JT, and Sechari, with segment hosts of Wil, Larry, and Kid Lee.  A casual perspective with lore centric segments.
  • Working Class Nerds – Hosted by Marcus and Nick. They discuss all things nerd, including SWTOR!


  • Swtorista – The one and only!  Swtorista is the epicenter of the SWTOR community.  The Academy series of  video guides is some of the best video content for beginner players and even veterans too.
  • Kid Lee – Kid Lee provides a variety of SWTOR videos concerning new features, updates, and datacron guides.
  • Vulkk – Vulkk creates videos for SWTOR in addition to other games.  Mainly guides, walkthroughs, and general updates.
  • Boomy Nation – Boomy’s beard comes with the channel!  Lot of SWTOR videos and some weird ones too.
  • SWTOR Central – Run by Sam and Peter.  A variety of SWTOR videos, but the Breaking / Behind the Walls segments are so much fun!

Fan Sites

  • SWTOR Fan Community – Run by the amazing Swtorista, the fan community website is a place to bring all of the current SWTOR content together in one place.  Also a place to find information on the SWTOR Fan Community Celebration booth.  Hoping to make a return at each Celebration!
  • – A website to find links to all of Swtorista’s videos and written guides (companion pieces to her videos) as well.
  • Dulfy – Dulfy runs a website filled with SWTOR guides and usually is one of the first to post upcoming achievements.
  • Vulkk – Vulkk’s websites includes all of his SWTOR content and other game content.  Guides, news, and videos.
  • TOR Decorating – A great website run by Exile and formerly Dulfy that has a full list of stronghold decorations.
  • TOR Fashion – Another great website run by Exile and Dulfy that includes current armor sets in-game to help you decide on that ever-important look when you are saving the galaxy.


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